Below is a list of the most popular questions from our customers. If you can’t find the answer to your question within our FAQ section, please write to us here > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Depending on usage, most new batteries will last 2 to 3 weeks if the light is turned off during the day.

Q: How much light do the Deco/Night Lights give off?

A: The Deco/nightlights gives of enough light for parents to view the infants without turning on additional lighting. They are bright enough so children can move about the room and take themselves in and out of their beds without turning on additional lighting.

Q: What other designs does 3DLightFX have?

A: Our product line has grown to include other sports, cars, butterflies and beyond. Be sure to check out the different categories on our Home Page to view all of the cool 3D Deco Lights available and the Coming Soon Page to see the 3D Lights that are on their way.

Q: Can the Crack Sticker be applied onto any wall surface?

A: The Crack Sticker can be applied to just about any clean, smooth, and weather-resistant surface that is free of dust, grease, or other contaminates. Crack Sticker may not adhere to textured surfaces. We strongly discourage installation of the Crack Sticker on certain surfaces such as brick, stucco, concrete block, suede paints, and sand paints.

Q: Can the Crack Sticker be installed on wallpaper?

A: Yes. Crack Sticker can be applied to certain types of wallpaper; however, wallpaper can vary widely in texture and quality. Also, the Crack Sticker may not release from certain wallpapers without causing damage.

Q: Will the Crack Sticker adhere to all paints?

A: The Crack Sticker installs easily on the most common types of home decorating paints, such as latex and oil-based. It will also work on other paints, although some highly textured paints or paints with additives can make application difficult.

Q: Can I apply the Crack Sticker to a newly painted wall?

A: Freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks before you apply the Crack Sticker.

Q: Will the Crack Sticker damage my wall?

A: Most people have no wall damage when the Crack Sticker is removed. We recommend watching the “Sticker Removal” video on our instructions page before attempting to remove the sticker from your wall. Please be aware that, as with any decorative medium, there is potential for wall damage.

Q: I can’t get my Crack Sticker to transfer to my surface; what do you suggest?

A: Make sure the surface and the Crack Sticker are at room temperature. If a surface is too cold, gradually heat it to room temperature with a blow dryer on the low setting.

NOTE: Use care to avoid overheating the sticker and/or wall to avoid damage.

Tip: Depending on the temperature outside, sometimes the finished surface on the inside of an exterior wall can be colder than room temperature.

  • Avoid applying Crack Sticker when the climate is very humid.
  • Make sure there is no residue on a wall surface such as grease, smoke, or soot. Cigarette smoke can cause a buildup on surfaces. After cleaning your wall, make sure there is no leftover residue and that the wall is completely dry. Often, a wall surface feels dry to the touch but moisture has been absorbed into the wall material beneath. This moisture is released to the surface as the wall continues to dry, breaking the adhesive bond and pushing the Crack Sticker off the surface.
  • If a surface is heavily textured, the Crack Sticker may not adhere to it as well as other surfaces. If this is the case, you may want to apply the Crack Sticker to another surface that has less texture.

Q: How long will the Crack Sticker last after it has been applied to a surface?

A: The Crack Sticker is not intended for permanent application; however, it can last for years depending on the surface and environment. The high quality vinyl we use has been rated to last 3 years – and generally last much longer. You can purchase new Crack Sticker from our website.

Q: Is it safe to install above a bed or crib?

A: We have included very specific instructions as to the proper way to install your 3D Deco/Night Lights, you may view them here > instructions. If these instructions are followed properly, there should be no issues installing above a bed or over a crib.

Q: Where can I purchase these lights?

A: Just click on the Where To Buy button to find out which 3D Deco/Night Lights are available in your area.

Q: What is the warranty on the product?

A: 1 year manufacturer’s defects.

Q: Is it hard to install?

A: It is very easy to install, but must be installed by an adult. You can watch the easy to follow crack sticker installation video.

Q: Do the lights require special batteries?

A: The lights require either 3-AA or 3-AAA batteries depending on which light you have purchased. You will find detailed information in regards to required batteries on the outside of the packaging. Please make sure the batteries are installed or replaced by an adult. For best results be sure to use brand new batteries.

Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries?

A: Yes, but we have found that rechargeable batteries tend to fade faster than the standard batteries, thus effecting the brightness of your night light.

Q: Will it get too hot if I leave it on for a long period of time?

A: No the light will never become hot to the touch.

Q: Will I have to change the light bulbs?

A: No, we have used high quality LED lights rated to last an astonishing 40,000 hours.

Q: What safety concerns should I pay particular attention to?

A: Install the night light in a location that is out of a child’s reach. Making sure that the batteries are installed and/or replaced by an adult.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A; Generally orders are dispatched within 3 business days from order being placed, we use standard parcel post to deliver all of our items. Once your item has been dispatched from our warehouse, an email will be sent to you.

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